About Us

From our small beginnings.

Our Beginnings

We could tell you about our decades of experience in the cabinet-making business or about our team of talented engineers, but instead we'll stick with the facts. Metal Line Cabinets began in 2003 when a smart guy, (our founder), had a great idea and just happened to have the resources of a state-of-the-art, 89,000 sq. foot metal fabrication facility at his disposal to make that dream a reality. After thousands of CAD drawings, a series of prototypes, and a few pinched fingers, the result is simply the finest, most durable and most versatile storage organization system available. When you first see a Metal Line Cabinet in person, you'll wonder why nobody has made cabinets like this before - or how you'll ever settle for anything less.

Our company philosophy is simple: No Compromises. When it comes to construction, quality, or customer service, our goal is to be the finest company you have ever dealt with. We spend our free time at the lake, or track, or dunes just like you do and we don't have time for corporate nonsense either. If you have a problem, we'll fix it. If you have a special requirement, it will, to the extent possible, be fulfilled. We treat our customers the way we wish to be treated when we venture out into the cold, unforgiving, import-laden marketplace. Doing business with us should make you want to buy us a drink - and we'll gladly accept with a clear conscience.